Jaco and Lizelle

Congratulations to Jaco and Lizelle on a wonderful day.  Lizelle was concerned about the weather, however it turned out to be a great day and everything was just perfect.  The decorations was beautiful and completed well in advance, creating a relaxed atmosphere for Lizelle while she was busy with her preparations.  Everybody contributed, from the florist, the make-up artist, the hair stylist and the venue personnel, to create a special never-ending story for Jaco and Lizelle.  It was great to be part of your special day and may you have many wonderful years to come. View full post »

MC en Christine

The wedding was photographed in Nigel on a farm just outside the town.  Every aspect of the wedding were planned perfectly and executed to perfection.  The wedding style was somewhat modern, but also a little bit traditional, and this combination fitted perfectly to the taste of the bride and groom.  They ensured that they set aside ample time for their photo shoot, which ensured that the bride is totally relaxed.  Congratulations to MC and Christine, it was a wonderful day. View full post »

Allen and Benita

A farm wedding has a special aroma and you get out of the ordinary images.  Nature kept a close eye on the photo shoot, and an ostrich ensured the bride is well looked after, before departing to inform the rest of the farm community of the special day.  Congratulations to Allen and Benita on tying the knot.  It was an experience to photograph your wedding on the farm and may you have many happy years together.

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Pregnant Photo Studio Session

A session of studio photography well executed and all credit to the two ladies.  It was most certainly fun and even the husband enjoyed the studio session.  Congratulations on the little miracle, and may she bring you only joy and happiness in life. View full post »

Jacques en Ellen

In the middle of the rainy season and with an exceptional high rainfall in Gauteng these two great people tied the knot on 29 January 2011.  The clouds became darker by the minute and after a few drops the clouds disappeared and we had wonderful afternoon with Jacques and Ellen. View full post »